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Family Game Night Inspiration:

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

Family Game Night Inspiration:

This is a personal favorite of ours.  Our family is pretty competitive (it’s a healthy competitive, really . . . I promise) so we LOVE family game night!  Not only is this fun, it helps strengthen the family bond!  Every once in awhile we (adults) need to be reminded to have fun and act silly!  Here’s a list of some fun games that you can add to your list for the next family game night.

Get out your Paper and Pencil:

Everyone writes down an idea on a piece of paper.  Each player has to draw a paper to see what they have to act out.

Have a pad of paper on an easel or a dry erase board.  Everyone writes down an idea on a pice of paper.  Each player has to draw a paper to see what they have to draw.

Random Facts:
Everyone writes down a random fact about themselves.  The facts are read aloud and each player has to write down (on their own sheet of paper) who they think that fact belongs to.  The person with the most correct guesses wins.

Tag-Team Drawings:
Each player has their own marker and sheet of paper.  Players have 30 seconds to begin a drawing.  When time is up, everyone moves clockwise to the next paper.  Then they turn their “new” paper a quarter.  They then have 30 seconds to continue the drawing.  Continue to do this until every player has contributed to each drawing.


For the Gamers in Your Family:

Battle Royale:
Have 2 players compete in a video game.  Ex.  Super Mario Kart.  Winners from each challenge go on to compete with each other until there’s an ultimate winner!


Fun Prize Ideas:

Buy a trophy or medal at a local party store to give to the winner(s).

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