11 Top Tips to Sell Your Home FAST!

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When selling your home it is imperative that you do everything you can to get your home show ready. It is your Realtors job to get your home sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time but these are the top 11 tips that we share with all of our clients to help get their home sold fast!

  1. Deep clean your home! The condition of your home will directly affect the price we can sell your home for. It is also one of the first things buyers notice when walking into a home to buy. Make sure that the blinds, baseboards and windows are cleaned, shampoo any carpet, scrub the bathrooms and kitchen. Don’t forget to sell or donate any items that are not needed and clean out those closets and the garage. Home buyers want to see every inch of their dream home before putting in an offer.
  2. Declutter your home. This is a big one! We always tell our clients to make their home look like a hotel room. Have minimal things on the counters, organize the bathrooms and only keep items in drawers and cabinets that are used daily. Keep in mind that how you sell a home and how you live in a home are two completely different things. That is why our goal as Realtors is to sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle to you.
  3. Neutralizing your home can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Buyers need to be able to visualize the home as their home, bold designs and loud paint colors are distracting and can hider the buyer from seeing the home as theirs. Fresh paint always looks very clean and gives a fresh vibe to the whole house. Pick a neutral paint color that is light and bright to make the home seem larger and more inviting. Keep neutral decor such as pillows, throws and candles to help with staging. One key thing is to pack away family photos and keepsakes but not all of your decor, keep some to help create an inviting environment.
  4. Make repairs first. Many of our clients will get a home inspection done prior to going active on the market so there are no surprises when we get to the inspection period with a buyer. Every home is going to have things come back on a home inspection that will need to be repaired. Cracked roof tiles, grading issues and missing anti siphon valves are the most common. Many of these things can be taken care of before a buyer puts an offer in and then you can rest easy knowing that the buyers home inspection will be a breeze!
  5. Having a breathtaking yard is a great selling point! If your backyard is slacking a little, don’t worry! Sprucing up your yard doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Add some color to your yard with pots, flowers and pillows. Your goal is to create an entertainment area that buyers can envision spending their free time enjoying. If you have pets make sure that you pick up any droppings before showings. Yes it can be a pain to keep up on but there is nothing worse than walking into a backyard and getting a nose full of dog poo! Can you say mood killer?!
  6. Curb appeal is a buyers first impression. Make the front of your home shine with pride! Power wash the driveway, keep the lawn mowed and trim all of the plants and bushes. If your front yard needs a little pick me up, add some potted plants and flowers. Fresh paint on the exterior is always an eye catcher so if your home is looking a little drab don’t shy away from a fresh coat of paint.
  7. Once your home is on the market and you start having showings make sure and open all the blinds and turn on every light in the house. Yes I know…it can be a pain but trust us when we say that this little trick sells homes every day! Also, if you have large dogs it is best to have them removed for showings. We love dogs and you love dogs but many buyers will not be able to enjoy looking at your home if a mini horse is following them down the hallways.
  8. Pleasurable smells = SOLD! We often bring vanilla plugins with us when we meet with sellers to list their home. The first thing buyers notice when walking into a home is the cleanliness, the second thing is what the home smells like. Between pets, kids, cooking and every day life a plug in goes a long way. Most of the time we walk into homes, they don’t smell bad at all and we still offer the plug ins. This isn’t anything against the home, it will just appeal to the buyers that come through later.
  9. Staging can be an expensive word but it doesn’t have to be. We have a fantastic home stagging professional if you would like someone to come in and do everything for you but you can also stage your home with the help of your Realtor. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to see the possibilities in a home, maybe moving a piece of furniture around or a piece of art can make all the difference.
  10. Pricing your home right the first time. This is very very VERY important! Your Realtor will go over the market conditions and talk to you about your goals and will let you know what the best strategy is for you. Pricing your home correctly can actually net you more money than starting high. The biggest thing we hear is “Lets start high because buyers are going to come in low and then we can negotiate.” This just isn’t true. A buyer is looking to buy a house and if they love something…check this out….THEY WILL ACTUALLY PAY MORE FOR IT! Especially if they think they might lose out on it.
  11. Hire a Realtor. I know all of you reading this just rolled your eyes but let me tell you why hiring a professional is important. We are professionals and we do this daily. Our job is to know the market, know the contracts, be negotiating beasts and to help our clients reach their real estate goals. There are so many little things that can go awry, time frames that legally need to be followed during a transaction and so much more. Statistics show that when hiring a Realtor, a seller will actually net 7%-11% more than trying to sell solo.

If you are curious about what your home is worth or if you are thinking of buying in the near future reach out to us! We would love to help you on your next adventure!    ~Gina Kent   The GK Group

Public Servant Home Buying/Selling Programs:

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

Hey Heroes, Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home?

First and foremost, we want to THANK YOU for your SERVICE!!

We are dedicated to helping local heroes save money when BUYING or SELLING a HOME. In appreciation for your service to our country & our community we, as local REALTORS ® and business owners, are looking to give something back.

Our industry leaders will extend an average of $1,000.00 savings to you, our heroes, just for choosing us to help you with your home purchasing needs.

All you have to do is call Gina Kent from Keller Williams at 480-889-1416 and mention that you are a hero, and one of our agents will assist you.

Not only are you getting a licensed real estate professional, but you have partnered up with a group of people that believe in giving back to the community and one that truly THANKS YOU for your service.

LAW ENFORCEMENT:  police officer, prison guard, state trooper, county sheriff, border patrol, retired

HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS & FIRST RESPONDERS:  doctor, nurse, technician, EMT, home health aide

MILITARY:  active duty, veteran, retired, reservist, national guard

FIREFIGHTERS:  active, retired, volunteers

TEACHERS:  active, retired

public servant home programs

5 Products for Outdoor Parties:

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

5 Products for Outdoor Parties:

Wow your family and friends at your next get outdoor together with some of these awesome products.  They are sure to make your house the “cool house.”

1.  No party is complete without music.  Set the tone for the evening with this waterproof, blue-tooth speaker. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor get together.


2.  Become known for your grillin’ skills with this ceramic cooker!!


3.  While you’re your delicious dinner is cooking, enjoy a good ole’ game of corn toss!


4.  Light up the scene with these colorful LED orb lights that float in the pool.


5.  Don’t forget to capture these fun events!  This digital camera is the coolest thing on the market!! It’s waterproof and made for extreme moments.


get ready to sell your home

5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell:

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert AZ:

Get Your Home Ready to Sell:

When you are preparing to sell your home, there is always a list of things that can to be done to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers.  If you don’t have a lot of money to put towards repairs, there are some other inexpensive things that you can do to make your home more marketable.

1.  Get that Home so Fresh and so Clean Clean:

One of the first things you’ll want to do is do some good old fashioned Spring Cleaning.  As you know bathrooms are a major selling point.  Dirty bathrooms that have soap scum can scare away prospective buyers.  Here are some helpful tips that will help your bathroom sparkle.

Clean walls with:  Spray Bottle, 1 part Water, 1 part Bleach

Scrub shower glass with:  Spray Bottle, 1 part Muriatic Acid, 10 parts Water, Steel Wool Pad for Scrubbing, Wipe down afterwards

tip:  edit/hide personal toiletries by using a shower caddy (with a handle) that you can place under a sink during showings.

2.  A Little Depersonalization is Good.

When prospective buyers preview a home, they want to picture themselves living there.  That is hard to do when there are large collections of family photos on display.

Tip:  Pre-pack photos, knick knack collections, mementos, etc.

3.  Appeal to Both Sexes.

Go through your home and remove items that are too gender-specific.  For example if there’s a bedroom that is painted bright pink, you may want to paint it with a neutral color that will appeal to the masses.

4.  Not Everyone is an Animal Lover.

Remove pet beds, bowls, and pets (if possible) during showings.  Cat boxes should never be visible, this is a major buyer turnoff.  Due to allergies, pets can cause issues for potential buyers.

5.  Appeal to the Senses!

What is the strongest sense that can affect a buyer?  Yup, you guessed it SMELL!!  Make sure that your home smells fresh and inviting.  Here are some tips:

a.  place cut hydrangeas, roses, daffodils in small vases throughout the home.
b.  have your carpets/rugs and upholstery cleaned professionally.
c.  no dirty dishes in sink or dishwasher, those can cause odors.
d.  make sure trashcans are emptied.
e.  clean your disposal with vinegar and freshen it with some lemon peel.
f.   use aromatherapy scents like lemon, green tea, cedar, pine, basil, vanilla.



no money pit hire a reliable realtor

No One Deserves a Money Pit: Real Estate!

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert AZ:

No One Deserves a Money Pit:

This is a preview from an awesome 80s movie, “The Money Pit.”  Although this movie was absolutely hilarious, the home buying process should never be like this.

What do buyers want in a neighborhood?

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

What do buyers want in a neighborhood?

All buyers are different, and they are looking for a neighborhood that best complements their lifestyle.  The NAR conducted a survey to find out exactly what buyers are looking for, we found the results to be pretty interesting.  What are your thoughts, do you agree?

neighborhood wants

Kid Friendly Staycation in Phoenix

The Gina Kent Group, Phoenix, AZ:

Why go out of town, when you can have an amazing Kid Friendly Staycation in Phoenix?  Here are a couple of Phoenix hotels that are perfect vacation spots that the entire family will enjoy.

1.  Sheraton Wild Horse Pass LEGO® Summer Camp 


Their package weekends include something for each member of the family.  Junior guests enrolled in the workshops will enjoy a full day of programming including; brick-building sessions, individualized kits, interactive stations from SEA LIFE™ Arizona, a build master amenity bag, complimentary kids lunch, gaming stations, Native American Song and S’mores and child wristbands for 50% off food and beverage at Hanyo Poolside Grill.

Parents on this package will receive; a VIP coupon book and shuttle service to the nearby Phoenix Premium Outlet, 20% off greens fees at Whirlwind Golf Club, 20% off a la carte services at Aji Spa, 2 complimentary drink vouchers to cool down by the pool and much more!

This package will be offered select weekends, June 13 – July 27, 2014, for $149/per night based on a 2-night minimum with a second or adjoining room for $79/per night, based on availability.


2.  Arizona Grand Resort & Spa


This is the Arizona vacation destination your whole family will want to return to again. Start with the Oasis Water Park, voted one of the Top 10 by the Travel Channel. Mix in the 17,000 acre South Mountain Preserve with more than 60 miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. Move on to the Arizona Grand Spa and Athletic Club, where the arts and sciences of exercise and relaxation, therapy and pampering have been perfected for guests of all ages.

Then try a round at the 18- hole award winning Arizona Grand Resort golf course. The par 71, 6300-yard course is one of the most fun and challenging courses in the Phoenix area.

organize your kitchen

4 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen:

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

Check out these 4 tips that will help organize your Kitchen:

All mom’s can agree that somehow our kitchens become a catchall room.  When we come home, the mail goes in a stack on the counter, along with papers from the kids’ backpacks.  Whenever we find a knick knack or thingamajig around the house, where does it go?  Yup . . . you guessed it, it gets tucked away in some drawer in the kitchen.  Then one day we realize that our kitchens have become overrun.  Here are some great ideas that can help you get your kitchen back in order.

1.  The Dreaded Junk Drawer.  Let’s face it the junk drawer is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be messy.  You can easily and inexpensively find little storage boxes that fit nicely into a drawer.  You can purchase a few that can be used to hold different items.


2.  Sigh . . . Tupperware Lids.  Have you ever had to dig everything out of a cabinet trying to find the lid to a Tupperware dish? It’s so frustrating.  You can find a CD rack and use that to divide the different size/shape lids nicely.


3.  Get Appliances off the Counters.  Appliances take up so much counter space.  Clear your counters by getting an appliance caddy installed in one of your lower cabinets.


4.  Under the Kitchen Sink.  This is the place we typically just throw household cleaners, then shut the cabinet door and try to forget the mess hidden away.  You can purchase some clear storage bins to store rags and sponges.  Then you can purchase a rack that you can place your everyday cleaning products on (in their caddy).


Gilbert Real Estate Trends: May 2014 Newsletter

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

Gilbert Real Estate Trends, May 2014:

Find out what is going on in the local real estate market in our May 2014 Newsletter.

Feel free to download this newsletter here: May2014.

creative housewarming gift ideas

8 DIY Creative Housewarming Gifts

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

Wow your friends with these creative housewarming gifts!

One of the major times in our lives is buying a new home.  We love to celebrate this momentous occasion with our friends, by showing our love and support.  Anyone can go out an purchase a gift, but sometimes it means so much more when the gift is created specifically for your friend’s personal taste.  Here are some creative housewarming gift ideas that you can use to get your creative juices flowing.

1.  DIY Wooden Stamped Hangers: make enough for your friend to fill their coat closet with these lovely custom stamped wooden hangers.


2.  DIY Vintage Teacup Candle: this is the perfect gift for your friend that loves shabby chic style.


3.  DIY Sweet and Savory Breakfast Basket: treat your friends to a yummy breakfast in their new home.


4.  DIY Herb Filled Basket: your gardener friends are sure to love this beautiful herb filled basket. We loved the gold leaf rocks that they can place in their garden.  You could customize it even more by letting them choose their own message to put on the rocks.


5.  DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit: what a great gift basket to give a family with young children.


6.  DIY Grill Lover Gift Basket: this grill lover basket is a great way for your friends to enjoy their new backyard.


7.  DIY Game Night Gift Basket: this is another great family gift basket idea.


8.  DIY Flavored Salts: do you have a foodie friend that you’d like to impress? What a great gift for a food lover.