2014 Interior Design Trends: Black Walls

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert AZ:

2014 Interior Design Trends:  Black Walls

This year it seems that black wall paint is in style.  We want to know your thoughts.  Do you like this look?  Are you brave enough to choose this color for your walls?

2014 interior design trends

organize your kitchen

4 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen:

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

Check out these 4 tips that will help organize your Kitchen:

All mom’s can agree that somehow our kitchens become a catchall room.  When we come home, the mail goes in a stack on the counter, along with papers from the kids’ backpacks.  Whenever we find a knick knack or thingamajig around the house, where does it go?  Yup . . . you guessed it, it gets tucked away in some drawer in the kitchen.  Then one day we realize that our kitchens have become overrun.  Here are some great ideas that can help you get your kitchen back in order.

1.  The Dreaded Junk Drawer.  Let’s face it the junk drawer is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be messy.  You can easily and inexpensively find little storage boxes that fit nicely into a drawer.  You can purchase a few that can be used to hold different items.


2.  Sigh . . . Tupperware Lids.  Have you ever had to dig everything out of a cabinet trying to find the lid to a Tupperware dish? It’s so frustrating.  You can find a CD rack and use that to divide the different size/shape lids nicely.


3.  Get Appliances off the Counters.  Appliances take up so much counter space.  Clear your counters by getting an appliance caddy installed in one of your lower cabinets.


4.  Under the Kitchen Sink.  This is the place we typically just throw household cleaners, then shut the cabinet door and try to forget the mess hidden away.  You can purchase some clear storage bins to store rags and sponges.  Then you can purchase a rack that you can place your everyday cleaning products on (in their caddy).


celebrity real estate

Famous Phoenicians: Celebrity Real Estate

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Match the celebrity to the home!

We all love to know what celebrities are up to and how they live.  Here’s another installment of Celebrity Real Estate.  There are many famous celebrities that call Phoenix home.  Which of these celebrities owned the home pictured below?

celebrity real estate


Celebrity Kitchens: Home Design

The Gina Kent Group, Scottsdale, AZ:

Celebrity Kitchens: Which celebrity can be found cooking in this kitchen?

Which it girl can be found cooking in this open and clean kitchen?



10 DIY Home Crafts: Tutorials

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10 DIY Home Crafts:

With Summer just around the corner, people are changing the decor in their homes by adding to fresh colorful accents. Here are 10 easy and inexpensive DIY crafts that are sure to get your creative juices flowing and complement any home.

1.  DIY Mason Jar Chandelier Tutorial




2.  DIY “Shanty” Wine Rack Tutorial




3.  DIY Shell Shadow Box Tutorial




4.  DIY Nautical Rope Vase Tutorial




5.  DIY Sea Shell Wind Chime Tutorial


6.  DIY Sea Glass Vases Tutorial


7.  DIY Nautical Rope Coasters Tutorial


8.  DIY Driftwood Photo Display Tutorial


9.  DIY Sea Glass Mosaic Tray Tutorial


10.  DIY Driftwood Candle Holders Tutorial


Excellent Review of House Painters, Gilbert, AZ

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

Review of House Painters, Gilbert, AZ:

A couple of weeks ago, I had a local company, George Johnston Painting, come out to paint my home.  I always worry about quality of paint jobs because my home has wood siding, and the planks needed to be sealed to prevent moisture.  After they were finished, I realized that I didn’t need to be worried at all.

I was so impressed with their quality of workmanship.  During the 2 days of work, the crew pressure washed, taped off all the windows, sealed all the planks, painted the house, mailbox, and the stucco walls in my back yard.  Their level of communication was excellent.  The crew worked efficiently, like a well oiled machine, they were fast and extremely detailed.  On top of all that, they were courteous too . . . they referred to me as ma’am when they addressed me.  Hahaha, I felt like I was in the South! 😉

Here’s a Before/During and After:

If you are in need of Interior/Exterior Painters, I highly recommend using George Johnston!
Tell them Gina Kent sent you!

Here’s their contact info:

(480) 234-0920

Licensed & Bonded
Free Estimates
No Payment Until Job is Done

Services Include:
Elastomeric Paints • Stucco Repairs • Power Washing
Wood Repairs • Garage Floor Epoxy • Pool Kool Deck
Elastomeric Roof Coatings • Drywall

2014 Kitchen Design Trends

The Gina Kent Group, Scottsdale, AZ:

There are some new kitchen design trends that are hitting the market this year.  We wanted to get your thoughts on them.  Which one could you see yourself implementing in your kitchen?

Best Antiquing in Phoenix-Sweet Salvage:

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