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Frost A Gelato Shoppe, SanTan Village

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Treat Yourself to Dessert from Frost a Gelato Shoppe:

The Summer heat is already upon us.  You know what that means?  Parents are looking for anything and everything to keep their kiddos cool . . . and happy!  If you haven’t already, you should definitely stop in at Frost a Gelato Shoppe located in SanTan Village, Gilbert, AZ.

Frost a Gelato Shoppe is one of my and my daughter’s favorite sweet spots.  It’s a little taste of Italy right here in our own backyard.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s healthier than ice cream??  I mean come on now . . . we can indulge and not feel (too) guilty with bathing suit season upon us!! 😉

Whenever you visit Frost, you’ll notice that there’s always a line out the door for their delicious gelato. All of the ingredients are imported directly from Italy, along with all of the machinery needed to make the authentic gelato.  Trust me, you can you taste the difference!  Gelato has now replaced the love of ice cream for both myself and my 6 year old.  When she asks for a treat, you will find us indulging at Frost!

My personal favorite is the Gianduia (chocolate with hazelnut) and my daughter’s top pick is the Crema Di Biscotti.  This is a must for the Summer checklist of places to take the kids!

10 Reasons I love being a realtor

10 Reasons I LOVE Being a Realtor:

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

10 Reasons I LOVE Being a Realtor in Gilbert, AZ:

There are many reasons I love being a realtor, the list could go on and on, so I narrowed it down to 10 reasons.  I pride myself on running my business with integrity and personal service.  First and foremost, my clients are my friends, and I want to make sure that they are taken care of and that their needs are of utmost priority.

  1. I am able to help people reach their personal, professional, and financial goals through real estate.
  2. I LOVE people.
  3. I love helping people.
  4. I enjoy adding quality people into my very own community.
  5. It’s so exciting to see my client’s creativity and how they turn their house into a home.
  6. There is so much to do in the East Valley, and I enjoy introducing new families to the area.
  7. I take pride in not only being your Real Estate expert, but also your resource for all of your home needs.
  8. I love to talk! That’s both good and bad . . . hahaha!
  9. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at beautiful homes all day?!
  10. I enjoy seeing people smile, and knowing that I played a small role in that brings me great joy!
paleo summer grilling marinade

5 Paleo Friendly Summer Grilling Marinades

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

5 Paleo Friendly Summer Grilling Marinades:

Now that Summer break has officially begun, here in Gilbert, our backyards will become the kitchen and living space.  The kids will be swimming in the pool, and we’ll be grilling out and relaxing with friends.  In honor of the Summer season, we scoured the web for 5 Paleo friendly Summer grilling marinades.  You’re sure to wow your guests with these recipes . . . hopefully you love hosting because after you try these, your friends will only want to eat at your house!!  hahaha

1.  Darlene’s Mexican Carne Asada 

paleo carne asada marinade Image Source Marks Daily Apple

2.  Asian Glazed Salmon  

paleo asian glazed salmon marinadeImage Source Against All Grain

 3.  Dry Rubbed Barbecue Pork Ribs 

paleo bbq pork rib dry rub marinadeImage Source Paleo Spirit

 4.  Jamaican Jerk Chicken 

paleo jamaican jerk chicken marinadeImage Source Paleo Cupboard

 5.  Chile Lime Chicken Wings

paleo chile lime chicken wings marinadeImage Source Nom Nom Paleo

What do buyers want in a neighborhood?

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

What do buyers want in a neighborhood?

All buyers are different, and they are looking for a neighborhood that best complements their lifestyle.  The NAR conducted a survey to find out exactly what buyers are looking for, we found the results to be pretty interesting.  What are your thoughts, do you agree?

neighborhood wants

5 Tips for Every Homeowner:

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert AZ:

Here are 5 Tips for Every Homeowner:

We recently came across a great article in USAA Magazine, that gave 39 tips that every homeowner should follow. They wrote it as an owner’s manual for navigating the costs, concerns, and questions of life’s biggest purchase.  We chose 5 of the tips that we thought most often get overlooked.

1.  Take a Video of Each Room: break out the phone or iPad and take video of the contents in each room.  You can use this for future insurance claims (ex. fire, or other damage).


2.  Get to Know Your Home’s Systems: familiarize yourself with the home.  You can ask the seller or inspector to show you where things are located and how to work them (ex. air returns, water shut-off valve, HVAC, Gas Supply, etc.).


3.  New Locks: always have your locks rekeyed as soon as you move into a new home.


4.  Know your Neighborhood Rules: if you have an HOA, there are restrictions that will keep you from being able to make certain changes (ex. exterior paint color, vehicles that can be parked on a property, running a business from home, breeds of animals, etc.).


5.  Meet the Home Service Vendors: ask your seller for a list of the vendors that serviced your property (ex. lawn service, pool service, etc.).  These vendors know how all of the systems work and any previous issues that you may want to be made aware.