5 Products for Outdoor Parties:

The Gina Kent Group, Gilbert, AZ:

5 Products for Outdoor Parties:

Wow your family and friends at your next get outdoor together with some of these awesome products.  They are sure to make your house the “cool house.”

1.  No party is complete without music.  Set the tone for the evening with this waterproof, blue-tooth speaker. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor get together.


2.  Become known for your grillin’ skills with this ceramic cooker!!


3.  While you’re your delicious dinner is cooking, enjoy a good ole’ game of corn toss!


4.  Light up the scene with these colorful LED orb lights that float in the pool.


5.  Don’t forget to capture these fun events!  This digital camera is the coolest thing on the market!! It’s waterproof and made for extreme moments.


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